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After three consecutive years of increases, the value of US mineral production declined slightly last year, corresponding to an overall drop in the price of significant metals.

According to the US Geological Survey's Mineral Commodity Summaries 2014 report, the US produced $74.3 billion worth of minerals in 2013, down slightly from $75.8 billion in 2012. The report reveals that the net exports of mineral raw materials and old scrap contributed an additional $15.8 billion to the US economy.

"To put this in context, the $90.1 billion value of combined mined, exported, and recycled raw materials is more than five times greater than the 2013 combined net revenues of Internet titans:  Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Yahoo," USGS Mineral Resources Program Coordinator Larry Meinert said in a statement.  "This illustrates the fundamental importance of mineral resources to the nation’s economy, technology, and national security."

The drop in value was not due to lower production – in fact, production increased for most industrial mineral commodities and remained stable for most metals.  The drop in metals prices resulted in the reduced value of US mineral production.

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Gold was one of the first metals discovered by ancient peoples and eventually gold grew to symbolize both wealth, royalty, and immortality. Gold began to be used as money by many cultures, but the Romans were the first to use it widespread. The rarity, malleability, durability, ease to identify, and intrinsic value of gold made it perfect for money. 

While many civilizations throughout the world used gold for money, eventually its role would change with the coming of the gold standard system. In modern history, gold was shaped by events such as Roosevelt’s confiscation order in 1933 and President Nixon ending the direct convertibility of gold to US dollars in 1971. 

Although gold is no longer the basis of the modern monetary system, there is more gold demand today than ever before. - See more at the 2014 Gold Series PresentationThis infographic, part one in our 2014 Gold Series, introduces the yellow metal and tells the story of how it became the most sought after metal on earth. Follow This Link